Creating new brands

The most important assets you can develop in your business are your brands.  Brands are not just logos or tag lines, they are a sum of all you do...who you are, how you are different from the competition and why buyers should do business with you.

Appetto not only has the design credentials but the brand expertise to drive commercial return and build strong, sustainable brand equity.

Transforming ailing brands

For whatever reason, sometimes an under-performing brand needs a fresh injection of love and attention with the right know-how.  We undertake objective and rigorous assessment of the brand's current equities, its relevance to the consumer segment that represents the brand's bigger future, and identify new opportunities for innovation and product development where we can transform them into market leaders.  

Your brand is the sum of all you do. It's derived from all the touch points with your customers and prospects.  Developing a brand requires having a plan that consistently communicates what your company is and does, along with your points of difference, image and personality.  Appetto offers a comprehensive range of strategic brand consulting and creative design services including:

  • customer profiling
  • branding workshops
  • brand identity design
  • brand guideline production
  • print management
  • brand implementation, strategy and launch planning
  • ongoing brand marketing